2020 was a rough year for most of us. We all had to adapt to a new normal, shift our workplaces and personal lives. And in the nonprofit sector, there was uncertainty and panic as the pandemic changed the fundraising landscape. But, despite the challenges, nonprofits persisted and here at Mightycause we did our best to support them. Much of our focus in 2020 was responding to the needs of our nonprofit partners, and helping them transition nearly 100% their fundraising efforts online. This meant acting fast to help partners spin up campaigns, and increasing our customer support coverage so that we were available when nonprofits needed us.

In 2020, we also focused on upgrading the platform experience for nonprofits and giving day partners, with both new product offerings, along with bug fixes and continued product maintenance. Providing the best fundraising software for the best value is our goal, and all of our new releases were tailored to do just that. While we can’t cover every update we made throughout the year, here’s a look at just some of our top product highlights.

Nonprofit Product Releases

Our small but mighty team was hard at work in 2020, building new features to support nonprofit organizations’ online fundraising efforts. From new integrations to new payment options and new tools to help keep you organized, here’s a sampling of some of the new features built to support the modern nonprofit.

Metrics Tracking & Analytics 

Mightycause made it easier for our nonprofit administrators to stay on top of their key performance indicators through their Overview screen. Nonprofits can track important metrics like donor retention rate, average donation amount, amount raised, number of unique donors, and more. (Nonprofits can also make sure they’re getting the most they can for their money by tracking their effective fees on Mightycause!) Admins can customize their dashboard to track the data that’s most important to them, and easily get an update on their progress each time they log in. Year-end and year-over-year reporting is made much simpler with configurable time periods, and the ability to easily export the data into reports to share with your boss or Board of Directors.

year end donor retention: overview screen with donor retention calculated


Livestream Integration Capabilities

Nonprofits had to adapt in 2020, since engaging with donors face-to-face at events was not possible during a pandemic. One of the ways organizations kept their donors engaged and involved was through live-streaming. And Mightycause worked to support that by offering nonprofits the ability to showcase their livestreams on any fundraising page on the platform, whether that was an organization profile, a team or event campaign, or an individual fundraiser.

It’s simple and easy. Just embed the link to your livestream right in your story!

Easier Account Administration

Mightycause spent 2020 making updates that make managing your nonprofit account even easier. We made it easier to update donor information, sort and organize your disbursement reports, manage your Mightycause plan, start a free trial of Mightycause Advanced, set up or update your EFT or organization address, and more. These were subtle changes, but the end result is time and effort saved for nonprofits!

Dashboard User Experience 

Throughout the entire nonprofit experience on your dashboard, we’ve modernized the look and feel of the tools that nonprofits use to fundraise, including the campaigns screen where your administrators can manage and create new fundraising campaigns, and your reporting center where you can access and download donor data, manage recurring donations and offline donations, and more.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Page Templates

Peer-to-peer fundraisers can help spread the word about your nonprofit to new donors, and take a campaign from good to great. And we made the process of starting a peer-to-peer fundraiser even easier in 2020. With Fundraiser Templates, nonprofits can help fundraisers get published more easily by pre-filling parts of their page for them. (A perfect way to lure busy board members into fundraising!)

Introducing Fundraiser Templates

New Payment Options for Donors

In 2020, Mightycause gave donors increased flexibility and choice with two new payment methods in the donation experience. Donors can now donate directly with their bank accounts via ACH, and through Apple Pay.

By securely connecting to their online banking through Plaid and paying directly from their bank accounts, donors can reduce the credit card processing fees. It’s quick and easy to link your bank account (hint: you don’t need to remember your full routing and account numbers by heart!). Beyond the ease during the donation process, it’s an added bonus for recurring donors especially, bank accounts don’t expire or decline like credit cards can over time, which means less time for our nonprofit partners tracking down recurring donors to keep their gifts active.

apple pay donations on mightycause

For donors that have apple pay enabled, they can quickly and easily move through the donation checkout form without entering any payment details.


Salesforce Integration salesforce integration images

Nonprofits large and small use Salesforce to track donors, create tasks, log calls, and keep records. But, despite being a powerful piece of software, Salesforce isn’t a fundraising tool. So, nonprofits are forced to balance their fundraising platform with Salesforce. And the end result is manual data exports and imports.

Mightycause solves this problem with our new Salesforce integration. It’s available to Mightycause Advanced subscribers. Our integration allows nonprofit admins to connect their Salesforce and Mightycause accounts. And that allows Mightycause to pass data to Salesforce, automatically. You don’t need to manually download contacts and upload them into Salesforce anymore, or spend valuable time managing two programs that don’t talk to each other.

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MailChimp Integration

mailchimp integration

We asked our users which email marketing software they used last year, and MailChimp was by far the most popular among Mightycause users. So, we created an integration that directly connects Mightycause and MailChimp. You can automatically send donor info to MailChimp, and create tags and custom fields. And that opens the door to creating customer journeys that engage your donors, and faster thank yous to donors.

NEW: Fundraising Software Integrations on Mightycause

Matching Grants Updates

Matching grants are a powerful fundraising tool that’s almost guaranteed to boost the amount you raise. And to make matching grants even more effective, we added more flexibility and customization options. Now, Mightycause offers matches by donors, the ability to count offline donations toward your match, tiered matches, matches by dollar, donors, or donations to make it even easier to promote a match as part of your campaign.

example of matching grants


Mightycause Resource Center & Help Widget

One of the things Mightycause does better than any of our competitors is providing free nonprofit resources, education, and training. In 2020, we organized that into a resource center. Nonprofits can browse through our ebook library, watch on-demand webinars, find fundraising ideas, read step-by-step instructions in our Support Center, and more! We also built a new help widget integrated right into the platform so that we could recommend the right help articles based on what feature the nonprofit is using, and give them easy access to reach out to our friendly support team if they need more help.

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Fundraising Resources for All: The Mightycause Resource Center

Giving Event Product Updates

Mightycause was the industry innovator of giving events, and our giving event product is better than ever. In 2020, we focused on making expanding giving event management tools for hosts and improving the donor experience.

More Changes Ahead in 2021

Making nonprofit fundraising as easy and effective as possible is an ongoing process. And in the coming year, you can count on even more changes that will enhance the donor experience, improve your fundraising, and simplify administrative tasks for your nonprofit.

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