Social media is at the very heart of #GivingTuesday, so it’s important that your organization maps out and strategizes your #GivingTuesday social media presence. Social media can easily become overwhelming, and as a result, you can feel burned out pretty fast – especially during a busy giving season! Setting your nonprofit up with a clear plan can help this task feel less daunting while keeping your organization on track, plus, with ready-made graphics available to you in our #GivingTuesday Social Media Kit, you can cross off at least one item from your to-do list and start focusing on building your social media timeline!

How to Succeed

 There’s a bunch of tips and tricks out there when it comes to best practices with social media – you can even refer back to our previous posts on #GivingTuesday which are filled with knowledge gems! (Check out our Social Media Tips here, and our Social Media Guide here!) But for those who are short on time, or want to get back to the basics, it’s best to focus on this one key takeaway: managing your time. 

Build Your Timeline

From leaderboards to Power Hours to Golden Tickets, there’s a lot happening on #GivingTuesday so it’s important to plan your day ahead of time. How do you effectively manage your time? For best time management, we find a timeline to be essential! They may not be flashy, but they are definitely efficient!  A spreadsheet works really well for this. Share your timeline with your staff and volunteers so everyone is on the same page and tasks (or hours) can be divided up during the event.

Action Plan

Create an hour-by-hour social media timeline of the day (and if you have the capacity, include the weeks leading up to the event), mark in any key times or prizes your nonprofit is trying for, then fill in each block of time with your social media plan of action. Use this timeline to plan ahead on social posts! Who will be responsible for posting and what will you post?

*Bonus* Use one of our customizable social media templates from our Social Media Kit to save you even more time! You can customize these with a free Canva account.

Perhaps you want to try posting every hour to your social channels to keep the spotlight on your organization’s donation achievements, or perhaps you want to make sure you are posting to your Instagram stories right before a Power Hour to build on the moment’s excitement in real-time – whichever social strategy you choose, it will only work as well as the plan you create ahead of time, so set yourself up for success!

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