It might surprise you to know that, yes, there is a foolproof fundraising method that will help you raise more money and increase your reach on #GivingTuesday. It’s called peer-to-peer fundraising.  Adding peer-to-peer fundraising for #GivingTuesday will help expand your reach, to bring in new donors and more dollars for your campaign. Make sure to register for #GivingTuesday on Mightycause to access powerful fundraising tools to make peer-to-peer fundraising easy and powerful, plus a number of other benefits too!

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a type of crowdfunding that empowers your nonprofit’s supporters to raise money on your behalf. How does it work? An individual engaged with your nonprofit’s work creates a fundraising page on Mightycause connected to your nonprofit, and asks their social network to make donations to your cause. (That’s where the “peer-to-peer” name comes from.) P2P leverages your supporters to bring new donors into the fold, helps your nonprofit reach beyond your donor list, and puts more boots on the ground on this important fundraising day.

If you want to organize a group of individuals to fundraise for your nonprofit on #GivingTuesday, we call that a team fundraiser. In a team fundraiser, which is a type of P2P campaign, team members compete on a leaderboard to raise the most money or bring in the most donors for their cause. Team fundraising shakes things up for #GivingTuesday by adding the element of gamification, or turning fundraising into a game with prizes and bragging rights to be won.

Why peer-to-peer fundraising for #GivingTuesday?

Adding a P2P element to your #GivingTuesday fundraising plan will help you reach new audiences on a day when many people are looking to open their wallets and support a charitable cause. Even if your nonprofit has a robust list of donors to solicit on #GivingTuesday, you can add new names to your list and get your message in front of more eyes and ears with P2P. Each new donor is an opportunity to create sustaining support for your nonprofit’s work, and P2P fundraising is one of the best donor acquisition tools available. The average fundraiser on Mightycause brings in 15 donors, most of whom are new to the cause. If you had a team of just 5 ambassadors fundraising for you on #GivingTuesday, you could bring in 75 new donors in just 24 hours!

Running a fundraiser for your cause can also help deepen the relationship your biggest supporters have with your nonprofit — and for long-time donors and supporters, P2P gives them a new and exciting way to champion your nonprofit’s mission and engage with your work. If you’ve participated in #GivingTuesday in years past, a P2P or team campaign can be the key to keeping your campaign fresh and exciting, while keeping your #GivingTuesday efforts growing year after year.

Four Steps to Using peer-to-peer fundraising for #GivingTuesday

While P2P fundraisers can begin organically when individuals want to support a cause that’s important to them (and you may have already had supporter-created fundraisers pop up for your nonprofit on Mightycause), you can organize peer-to-peer fundraising for #GivingTuesday by using our team fundraising tools.

Team fundraising allows you to organize a team of individuals (or “ambassadors,” as we call them at Mightycause) who will raise funds for you on #GivingTuesday and compete against one another on a leaderboard. Team fundraising adds friendly competition and gamification to P2P fundraising, which you can enhance by offering incentives to the ambassadors who bring in the most donors and raise the most money for your nonprofit.

There are four phases to planning and implementing peer-to-peer fundraising for #GivingTuesday:

  • Planning your campaign: This is the most important part of a team campaign — you’ll want to put the structure in place, identify ambassadors you can recruit for your #GivingTuesday team, determine any prizes you’re able to offer, and prepare any resources for your ambassadors, such as talking points about your organization, image assets, instructions for creating a fundraiser, and sample social media posts and emails, which are best pulled together in a toolkit. You’ll want to create your team page on Mightycause and create a fundraiser template during this phase.
  • Recruiting ambassadors: Once you haveyour campaign plotted out, you’ll want to recruit people to sign up. You may want to personally ask any key ambassadors you’d like to participate, such a board members, staff members, or highly engaged volunteers, and get them onboarded before you put out a general request to your donor list and social media followers.
  • Supporting your ambassadors: After you have your ambassadors signed up to participate and their pages are published, your main job is to provide support. Mightycause provides technical support (just send any questions to, but you’ll want to provide moral support and encouragement, and stoke the flames of competition! We recommend a combination of personal outreach and e-blasts to all of your ambassadors to give them updates on who’s in the lead, share tips to improve their fundraising efforts, and communicate with them about your #GivingTuesday campaign. Make use of our fundraiser toolkit for additional resources and tips!
  • Follow-up: There are two main groups you’ll want to follow up with after your #GivingTuesday team fundraiser has ended — your donors, of course, but also the ambassadors who reached out to their social networks to help raise money for your nonprofit. Reach out to personally thank them for their efforts, write a thank you note, or even host a happy hour to celebrate a successful #GivingTuesday!

Gamification and Prizes

You don’t need to break the bank to offer cool prizes to your most successful ambassadors! Bragging rights can be enough to motivate many people, but adding the promise of a prize can really motivate your ambassadors to raise more money and take their efforts even further. Here are some ideas that can help you add gamification to peer-to-peer fundraising for #GivingTuesday without busting your budget:

  • Partner with a local business: You likely already have partners in the community who support your cause, so approach them to see if they’d be willing to offer a small prize to help motivate your ambassadors. A free dinner at a local restaurant, movie tickets, a gift certificate to a spa, or a goodie basket from a local shop are easy for businesses to provide, give the provider free advertising, good PR, and a chance to bring in new customers, and can be great prizes for your fundraising superstars!
  • Ask your board members to furnish a prize: While some board members may not be comfortable participating in a P2P campaign, some will be more than happy to provide a prize! Gift baskets, prize bundles, and gift certificates can be easy for them to provide and give them a hassle-free way to participate in your #GivingTuesday campaign.
  • Offer merch from your nonprofit: Do you have t-shirts, bumper stickers, pins, or other swag available for your nonprofit? Then offer it up as a prize for your top ambassadors!
  • Offer perks that are free to your nonprofit: A prize doesn’t need to be a physical object — it could be as simple as a lunch with your executive director, a guided tour of your facilities, recognition on your website or in your lobby, or any number of perks that are easy and free to offer, but make the winner feel appreciated and special. (An example would be an animal shelter or rescue offering the ability to name a litter of kittens or puppies … totally free and also totally fun!)

Prizes are not required to have a successful P2P campaign, of course, but they can really kickstart the competition and motivate your ambassadors to throw themselves into the fundraising process!

If you’re concerned about recruiting ambassadors, or cautious about the competition getting too stiff, you could also offer a prize (such as a t-shirt or bumper sticker) to everyone who fundraises for you on #GivingTuesday.

You can run a team alongside a traditional #GivingTuesday appeal to your donor base — remember, the point of adding P2P to your #GivingTuesday strategy is to gain support from people outside of your donor base. With smart planning, strong resources, and Mightycause’s team fundraising tools, you can add an exciting new element of peer-to-peer fundraising for #GivingTuesday and raise more money, reach more people, and increase your impact on #GivingTuesday!

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