National Women Build is an annual event across the country with the national Habitat for Humanity Women Build program that invites women to both fundraise and devote at least one day to build.

The campaign aims to spotlight the homeownership challenges faced specifically by women and address those issues head-on through the power of women across the community. Volunteers help their community, work alongside Habitat families, and learn new construction skills!

Did we mention pink hard hats are involved?

In 2023, West Orange Habitat for Humanity used the Mightycause Accelerate platform for the first time to host their online fundraising. How did they do?

46% increase in donations – That is AMAZING! Can you tell us your thoughts on why there was such a huge increase? What were some changes that you implemented? We have incredible Team Captains who come back every year for this event. They recruit new Team Captains throughout the year so that each year, our event grows. We provided new tools and resources to our team captains, like the Mightycause giving platform, so they have the tools they need to recruit teams and amplify our message.

How did you recruit fundraisers? Since Women Build is a team event, team captains do the heavy lifting on recruitment. For example, if Wells Fargo decided to join with a team of 10, they are responsible for recruiting 10 members from their organization for their team AND raising the $2500 team requirement to take part in Women Build.

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How Did Mightycause Help You Fundraise? Mightycause helped us fundraise by being easy to navigate, having a disbursement payout system, showing top teams/fundraisers on a real-time leaderboard to foster healthy competition, and making it easy for fundraisers to share on social media/email/etc. The ability to input offline donations was also very helpful for our team managing the event. 

Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to host a similar event? Stay in contact throughout the fundraising process utilizing Mightycause’s messaging feature built into the campaign, which allows you to email all registered participants, send registration instructions out to team captains to assist their teams in signing up, and remind people what they are fundraising for and the difference they are making.

Check out their Mightycause event page to see their success in action, and watch their campaign video to learn more about their event.


For more information about the Women Build Program check out:

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