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Finding the right tools for your organizations fundraising needs is not always an easy task. Making sure you can have one system that meets all your requirements is crucial to streamlining your fundraising efforts. Thats where Mightycause steps in! Not only do we have tools to help facilitate your campaign no matter the setup, we also have tools to enhance your year round giving portal as well!

Whether you are new to Mightycause or experienced on the platform you may not be aware of all the tools and features of the platform. This article will break down a number of Mightycause features you may not have been aware of that could provide significant benefits for your organization’s fundraising process!

Embeddable Donation Form

Tired of your donors being redirected from your website to donate? Want more control over your checkout? Look no further than the embeddable donation form on Mightycause!

Mightycause’s embeddable donation form is a user-friendly, highly customizable form, that will help you take control of your checkout and keep donors on your website during the donation process.

Mightycause embeddable donation form with suggested donation amount and descriptions

The form includes the ability to generate your own custom fields gathering valuable information from donors for your organization.

The embeddable form will offer multiple payment options, a monthly recurring option, and a better user experience than competitor forms or a PayPal button. The form is also formatted to be mobile friendly so it will look great no matter what device they are using to view your webpage.

Making use of our embeddable donation form will enhance your organizations year round fundraising portal and improve your process for donors!

Event Fundraising

Run fundraising events with your organization? With Mightycause events you can build event pages with the capability for peer-to-peer fundraising, event registration, and sponsorship all connected to one page!

Mightycause Teams and Events

Whether you are running a live campaign or virtual our event page is highly customizable allowing for you to elevate your event with participation from teams and individuals in the peer to peer fundraising process. Build camaraderie, bring in new supporters and increase engagement! Provide fundraising templates for those participate, feature sponsors, and connect your event registration through our integration with Eventbrite.

Supporters CRM

Still using spreadsheets for donor lists? Need a donor database to manage and segment your donors easily? Our Supporters CRM system is built with your donors in mind! Easily manage donor data via donor profiles containing comprehensive reports for each donor. Import any offline donors directly into the system to maintain all your donors in one place.

Supporters allows for segmentation of donors giving organizations the ability to create their own custom lists for easy management of donor segments. This combined with the email capabilities of Supporters allows for easy marketing and messaging to donors.


Need a mobile giving option for your donors? Text-to-Give will give your donors an additional donation method on their mobile devices! Set up custom keywords for your campaigns and collect phone numbers from your donors. Provides an additional donation portal for live campaigns!


Need to connect Mightycause with other applications? Mightycause offers a number of integrations with powerful applications.

If you are using Salesforce as your donor database connecting with Mightycause will allow you to merge your Mightycause donors with Salesforce. This happens in real time as donors make donations saving you time from having to export and import into Salesforce.

If Mailchimp is your main system for mailing donors and integration with Mightycause will import donors contacts into your Mailchimp Audience. Use tags from Mailchimp to label donors as they are imported into Mailchimp.

Looking to get better analytics from your fundraising efforts? Our integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel will allow for analytics tracking on your Mightycause pages. Monitor traffic and page views from donors and find out how donors learn about your organization. Gathering this data will help you build reports and better understand your donor base.

Don’t see an application you use here? No worries! With Zapier we are able to integrate with thousands of additional applications including Constant Contact, Google Sheets, Quickbooks, Campaign Monitor and more!

Mightycause Accelerate

All these powerful Mightycause features are included in the Accelerate subscription. In addition to the powerful features listed in this article, Accelerate also includes an account manager from Mightycause who will assist you with all your customer support needs. Mightycause account managers will help your organization with any troubleshooting and answer questions as well as walking through your fundraising plans with you!

Are you interested in learning more or testing out a free trial? Chat with a member of our team members to discuss what tools make the most sense for your organization!

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