Hurricane Matthew pummeled Haiti, Cuba and The Bahamas last week. The slow-moving storm caused massive damage and killed more than 800 people in Haiti alone.

As the storm hit Haiti, nonprofits and donors mobilized on Mightycause to help lift the island nation.

Celebrities jumped to support important organizations:

And then the storm set its sights on the U.S.

More than 30 people died as Hurricane Matthew racked the southeastern coastal states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. President Barack Obama signed a federal disaster declaration for 31 counties affected by the storm. In North Carolina, the state is still in danger as river-flooding is expected to worsen.

Let’s help N.C. and S.C. in their relief efforts.

Help a family in need or aid an organization’s relief efforts now by starting a fundraiser. Or, donate to an organization already starting relief efforts in hard-hit areas.

Let CNN’s story about Madeline Fox, the 8-year-old who started a fundraiser for Haiti on Mightycause, inspire you.

The Mightycause community lifted Louisiana this summer after historic floods hit the state. Users on the platform to set up fundraisers for families in need, nonprofit organizations and even healthcare workers.

You can check out the organizations working in South and North Carolina to help Hurricane Matthew victims recover by going to and clicking “Explore.”

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