It’s Tuesday. And You Know What That Means.

We’ve rounded up the most searched and talked about fundraisers on Mightycause in honor of #trendingtuesday.

We Are Germantown

(We love Germantown, PA too!)

With less than 2 months to go on their annual campaign, #WeAreGermantownCDC is already getting excited for their 2017 goals. And why wouldn’t they be? They’ve raised over 90% of their $40,000 goal!

The Financial Insight Team

(No Shave November)

Noah and his “Financial Insight Team” have decided to #letitgrow this November to raise money for 1 Million 4 Anna Foundation in hopes to end Erwing’s Sarcoma. We can’t wait to see them grow grow grow!

Torch 180

(Torch 180 Student, Alex. March 23, 2016)

#TheTorch180 is igniting positive change in the lives of many by teaching a variety of skills to build self-worth within needing members of the community. Plus, who doesn’t like eating, cooking or helping people?

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