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Razoo provides a powerful platform for nonprofits to raise funds and awareness. Here’s how four nonprofits that have utilized Mightycause to raise thousands of dollars and engage people in their work.

Bread For The City Empowers Ambassadors

In November 2014, Bread for the City kicked off their Annual Holiday Helpings campaign, using the Mightycause platform to complement traditional fundraising with an online crowdfunding campaign. They engaged with nearly 75 active ambassadors who raised just short of $250,000 on their behalf. Using a symbolic number of $29 (the cost to provide one holiday meal to a family of four) to anchor the campaign, they raised enough to feed over 9,000 local families for a successful and high impact campaign.

The mission of Bread for the City (BFC) is to provide vulnerable residents of Washington, DC with comprehensive services, including food, clothing, medical care, and legal & social services. During their end of year campaign, they aim to provide free holiday meals, including a turkey and all the trimmings in their “Holiday Helpings” campaign. During the holidays, many people want to give back in a different and more meaningful way, and many are interested in collecting and donating food. This interest and engagement is really exciting for BFC, but it is not the most cost-effective or useful way to support their mission. By integrating the crowdfunding aspect, they allow individuals to raise money on their own to support this campaign, and BFC can channel this extra support to where it can be most effective.

The results of this campaign planning and outreach was a huge success for the Holiday Helpings campaign, surpassing their goal of feeding 9,000 during the holiday season. Their top ambassador raised over $50,000, but they had over 30 ambassadors raising at least $1,000 each to support this effort.

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Forest Ridge Academy Builds Their Donor Base Through Team Fundraising

In 2014, Forest Ridge Academy participated in their very first Giving Day on Mightycause. They joined the giving movement as an experiment without any experience with online fundraising. With only modest goals in mind, the sole purpose of their participation was to raise awareness and gain exposure of the school. Their campaign was built by following the directions and templates provided by Mightycause. Their first foray into online fundraising was an enormous success — they raised a total of $14,525 in just 24 hours!

After their successful giving day campaign, they created their own campaign, GIVE4FRA: Hender-Monti Days of Online Giving. The goal of GIVE4FRA was to raise $20,000 from 100 donors in 3 days. The campaign was focused on specific needs of the school, making the gifts more tangible for donors. These needs included: purchasing new technology, upgrading current technology and providing teacher training so that Forest Ridge Academy will continue to be leaders in employing state of the art technology. They designed their campaign with their school’s culture in mind, using their students’ pride in the team they are assigned to (“Monti” or “Hender”) when they enter the academy. The teams compete against each other throughout the school year for the most points, and Forest Ridge tapped into that team spirit to get Team Monti and Team Hender to compete to raise the most money for their school.

In just 3 days, GIVE4FRA raised a total of $29,195. It was a close competition for the two teams with Team Monti raising $14,735 and Team Hender, $14,085. The friendly rivalry between the teams, together with team spirit and school pride proved to be a very effective way to motivate donors to give. This campaign was a success thanks in large part to creative gamification and advanced planning. Knowing the strong identity of the two school groups encouraged a stronger level of engagement from current students, their parents and alumni.

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Urgent Action Fund Engages And Inspires New And Active Supporters

Urgent Action Fund launched their first-ever crowdfunding campaign in the
Spring of 2015 to celebrate and honor mothers by raising funds for women’s human rights defenders. Beginning in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, the campaign exceeded its goal and raised $5,040 for support a rapid action grant to evacuate two young girls in distress in Afghanistan. All told they had 60 individual supporters, with over half being new donors to the organization.

With a mission to support women and girls standing up for equality, Urgent Action Fund supports women’s rights activists around the world, including in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma, Iraq, Russia and other countries where women are most targeted. The ran a Mother’s Day campaign that connected their cause to the upcoming holiday, with a call for supporters to honor their mothers with a donation, and raised approximately $3,900 from 35 donors in just 72 hours.

After the funds had been raised, Urgent Action Fund received a grant request from a women’s rights organization based in Afghanistan. This group was requesting financial support to rescue two sisters, who were daughters of a prominent activist leader, and they were starting to receive threats against their lives, making daily activities, such as attending school, too risky to continue. Urgent Action Fund used the funds raised from the campaign to make a rapid grant to evacuate the girls to safety.

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The Women’s Foundation Of California Triples Their Number Of Donors On Razoo

In 2013, the Women’s Foundation of California participated in #GivingTuesday on Mightycause as their first ever crowdfunding campaign. With short lead-time, their communications and campaign page on Mightycause all focused on soliciting general support to their organization. Despite the rushed effort, ther campaign was a big success and connected with 87 unique donors for a total of $9,280 in online gifts.

The following year, The Women’s Foundation of California geared up for their second annual #GivingTuesday campaign on Mightycause, their second ever attempt at crowdfunding. They started planning their campaign much earlier, allowing them time to crystallize their campaign’s message and focus, and build momentum. They crafted a customized campaign with strong messaging and solicited a handful of key offline donors to provide a larger pooled matching grant incentive. They knew the potential to engage donors online, but adapted two key pieces of their strategy to increase their potential for success. Their results were astounding, nearly tripling their total amount raised.

Through their focused campaign and successful matching funds campaign, the Women’s Foundation of California raised over $31,000 to put leaders through the Women’s Policy Institute. They engaged with 110 donors to nearly triple their 2013 campaign total.

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