Donor management is a critical piece to any nonprofit’s development. Without the ability to analyze current support for your organization, it’s difficult to find the right opportunities for growth. Plus, it’s an efficient way to strategize and inform future fundraising decisions, while cultivating meaningful donor relationships. That’s why it’s important to have effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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Donor Management on Mightycause

Mightycause’s donor management tools are the most powerful way yet to track your supporters. With Supporters advanced donation management, you get the essential tools you need to manage your donor data without being bogged down in features that are difficult to understand.

screenshot of a donor record on mightycause

To access your donor management tools on Mightycause, you must first have a subscription to Essentials or Advanced. (Advanced customers have access to more tools within Supporters.) These powerful tools for CRM are available exclusively for advanced users on the platform, along with other awesome tools to amplify your online fundraising


Here’s how Supporters donor management on Mightycause can help your nonprofit.

Track and Analyze Success

This powerful advanced feature can overhaul the way you view your online donors. Instead of viewing your supporters in transactional terms (i.e., they gave to our nonprofit and we said thanks), you can now interact with supporter records to rethink your fundraising strategy and focus on key factors that will affect your fundraising success: segmentation, targeted messaging and automated record-keeping.

laptop with mightycause's supporters tool shown inside

You can also view your supporters in a more comprehensive way, allowing you to quickly identify opportunities to strengthen your online fundraising programs. For instance, with Plus you can filter your tagged volunteers to determine a persona for who makes a donation. This information can help you identify other prospective donors to reach with a targeted volunteer solicitation.

As an advanced subscriber, you can import your full history of donor data to make sure that you have a full picture of your giving history, and an accurate record for each donor, whether or not they gave through Mightycause.

Build Targeted Donor Outreach with your CRM Tools

Supporters are accustomed to a personalized experience — from large retailers to their online ad experience, every marketing opportunity is tailored to their individual interests. Shouldn’t your nonprofit’s outreach be tailored the same way using your CRM tools?

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It’s easy to view donor records on Mightycause’s advanced plan. You can change or add tags (such as volunteer, board member, etc.) to customize the filters to your organization’s needs and segment donors for different messages. Make your next fundraising appeal more effective with personalized outreach.

With a Mightycause subscription, you can use the Supporters tool to send segmented and targeted email messages to your groups without leaving the platform.

Strengthen Meaningful Relationships and Improve Donor Engagement

At a more granular level, donor management helps you have deeper connections with your supporters. When you can connect with donors not only about your broader mission, but also can connect with them on individual initiatives that appeal to them, you’re able to foster long-term support and move mid-level donors into major donors.

You can edit Supporter records and also add notes to Supporter records that may be helpful. For instance, “Jane agreed to host next year’s gala at her house” might be a good note for context when you ask Jane to start a fundraiser on Mightycause to support a fundraising appeal the month before the gala.

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These powerful tools are available exclusively for Mightycause subscribers. Learn how to upgrade your pricing plan or sign up for a demo to see this powerful fundraising tool in action!

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