Whether small or large, every nonprofit needs high-quality, multi-functional tools to keep your mission growing and your team connected. But in all the advertisements and promises – how do you know what you even need and if it’s a good fit? Have no fear! Mightycause fundraising specialists have collaborated to bring you the best nonprofit tools based on real nonprofit life.

Mightycause – Best nonprofit all-in-one fundraising platform

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Fundraising is fundamental for all nonprofits. Without proper funding, aspects of your mission are at best, limited, or at worst, eliminated. Not only is fundraising vital, but it’s also an opportunity to welcome your community to partner with your organization’s cause. Effective fundraising requires intentionality, planning, and continual tweaking. Not to mention, software. Yet, not all fundraising software is created equal. A comprehensive fundraising platform is a must nonprofit tool.

What we offer and why you need it. 

With secure and easy-to-use technology, Mightycause provides an all-in-one suite of fundraising features and tools to take your fundraising to another level.

  • Unlimited fundraising and peer-to-peer campaigns
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Template Creation
  • Embeddable Donation Form
  • Custom donor data collection
  • Branded Donation Receipts
  • Matching grants
  • Offline Donation Management
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Enhanced CRM Tool & Donor Messaging Tools
  • Team & Event Fundraising
  • Enhanced Analytics
  • Text-to-Give
  • Volunteer Management
  • 1,000+ Integrations (Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Zapier, and more)
  • Priority Customer Support

Funding your nonprofit is more than receiving one-time donations. It’s about nurturing donor relationships, and creating sustainable year-round funding you can rely on. And that’s what Mightycause is here to help with. Securely receive donations directly on your website, track donor engagement, host peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, and easily manage donor data all in one place through Mightycause. Since fundraising is a must, so is Mightycause.


Sign up for FREE to claim your page and get started on Mightycause! Nonprofits can access our entire suite of tools through the Essentials ($79/month) or Accelerate ($119) plan. Interested in learning more? Connect with one of our fundraising experts for a free consultation.

Google Workspace for Nonprofits – Best cloud-based suite of tools and applications for any nonprofit

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Google Workspace for Nonprofits hosts an array of tools and applications that make collaboration and communication within your team easy and efficient. Whether you’re focusing on raising funds, organizing volunteers, or collaborating on your next initiative, Google Workspace for Nonprofits has what you need in one place.

What they offer and why you need it.

Every plan includes:

  • Gmail
  • Drive
  • Meet
  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Keep
  • Sites
  • Forms
  • Chat

Google offers more than just email and a search engine. Here are a couple of easy ways to start implementing Google Workspace tools for your nonprofit:

  • Utilize Docs to create donor appeal letters or one-pager about your nonprofit
  • Create a presentation for potential grantors or sponsors through Slides
  • Segment and filter your donors within Sheets
  • Send out a donor or volunteer survey through Forms
  • Keep track of important tasks with Keep
  • Schedule weekly calls with your team through Meet and Calendar

What makes Google Workspace such a great tool for nonprofits is that it’s cloud-based, which means you can access everything you need, on any device, whenever you need it. It’s also simple and easy to learn, if you can use Microsoft Office, you can definitely use Google Workspace!

Bonus Tool – Google Analytics

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Google Analytics gathers data from your apps and website to create comprehensive reports about your users. Learn how your community interacts with the different pages on your website, which browsers or devices are most used by users, and where your visitors are coming from. Google provides traffic source information that lets you know how users have arrived at your site (ie. through an email link, search engine, ad, etc.). Google Analytics also works in cognition with Google Ad Grants.

Integrate with Mightycause

Mightycause directly integrates with Google Analytics, making it easier to understand and track where your donors are coming from.


If Google Workspace for Nonprofits wasn’t already the best all-in-one nonprofit tool, Google offers eligible organizations access at discounted rates.  

Canva – Best nonprofit tool for any and all graphics

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Branding and marketing revolve around creating content that is not only visually appealing but also drives home your message. Images touch almost every aspect of your nonprofit. Think about your website, social media, board presentations, posters, mailers, and more. Canva makes it easy to create professional content for any occasion. 

What they offer and why you need it. 

Over 75 million images and thousands of templates for:

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Presentations
  • Posters 
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Infographics

Within Canva upload your own photos, take advantage of easy-to-use templates, download your work, save and share projects, and more. Utilize Canva to create a professional presentation for your board or potential donors, beautify your website with digital assets, or enhance your campaigns with images, videos, and infographics.


What do we love most about Canva? It’s completely FREE for nonprofits. Simply apply for Canva Nonprofits to receive all of their premium tools for free.

Zapier – Best nonprofit tool for automation

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Did you know that by automating repetitive tasks, nonprofits can free up valuable time and resources to focus on what really matters – their mission? It’s true! By streamlining processes through automation, nonprofits can maximize their impact and achieve their goals more efficiently.

And that’s just what Zapier helps with!

What they offer and why you need it. 

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks and save time. Share your information between apps in real-time and automate a number of tasks to reduce your workload, move your information faster, and take action sooner. Zapier helps streamline your process whether you’re collaborating between departments, acquiring new donors, following up with volunteer leads, or promoting your next initiative to your community.  

With a network of over 6,000 apps, Zapier offers four main products:

  • Zaps – Build your own workflows using triggers and actions. You set the trigger and the following action or actions. When the trigger is activated, your applications seamlessly do the work for you. 
  • Interfaces – Create basic apps, web pages and forms to fuel critical workflows.  
  • Tables – House, update and use your data through a database designed for automation.
  • ChatbotsDesign custom AI chatbots that share information and cultivate community involvement. 

Through Zapier, set up automations that make the most sense for your nonprofit. Streamline your work and create automations such as:

  • automatically add new contacts to a Google spreadsheet
  • automatically send a Thank You email via Gmail
  • automatically subscribe a new donor to a Campaign Monitor list
  • automatically account for donations in your Quickbooks Online account

Integrate with Mightycause

Mightycause directly integrates with Zapier, allowing you to automate your entire donation process.


Zapier offers a range of pricing plans, including a FREE plan with 100 tasks per month

DonorSearch – Best nonprofit tool for donor strategy

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Donors are crucial partners to every nonprofit. Which means they must be acquired and handled with care. Yet, so many organizations run from one fundraising fad to another without truly measuring giving potential. Fundraising shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. DonorSearch knows this and has your solution.

What they offer and why you need it. 

Using algorithms, machine learning, and AI, DonorSearch helps you understand your supporter’s behavior in a way that enables incredibly accurate donation predictions. With a strategic analysis of donor wealth data, donating history, and overall interaction with your nonprofit, you receive invaluable information for designing your donor approach and strategy. 

What could be better than knowing whom to contact, when to reach out, and the donation size and volume to expect. Don’t waste time and resources on misguided campaigns, instead, you can plan your appeals with proven data. Not to mention, it makes approaching larger donors a lot easier. Let DonorSearch do the science and take the guesswork out of your appeals.


Contact DonorSearch for a demo and a quote.

HubSpot – Best nonprofit CRM tool

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Nonprofit work never stops. The ever-revolving door of tasks, meetings, and your actual mission makes it easy for information, people, and opportunities to fall through the cracks. However, keeping your progress and community interactions organized and on schedule doesn’t have to be complex. HubSpot provides the dashboards, pipelines, and tools to keep you moving forward. 

What they offer and why you need it. 

  • Dashboard and reporting software – Comprehensive reporting and customizable dashboards display all of your most important data in one place. 
  • Pipeline and pipeline management – Track prospective investors, partners, donors, volunteers, collaborations, you name it. Starting with the first conversation, maintain a record of your progress and know your next steps. 
  • Templates and documents Make things easy with a library of custom email templates and documents.   
  • Meeting scheduling – Give your prospects the option to schedule meetings on your calendar.
  • Email tracking – Follow the progress of email communication to know when an email is opened, a link is selected, or an attachment is downloaded. 

Spreadsheets are great, but not always concise. HubSpot’s reporting software does the analytics for you and gives you the information you need when you need it. Customized dashboards mean your finance team can find their most crucial information in a matter of moments and your fundraising coordinator can easily track your quarter’s progress. And that’s not all! As you build relationships within your community and leverage outside resources, you need a comprehensive view of what has, is, and should be happening next. That’s your pipeline. Keep your pipeline flowing with HubSpot’s built-in engagement and tracking tools. 

Integrate with Mightycause

Mightycause directly integrates with HubSpot, streamlining your donor engagement process by having all your donors and data flow into Hubspot.


HubSpot offers a range of pricing plans, including a FREE plan. HubSpot also provides a 40% discount to verified nonprofits.

VolunteerMatch – Best nonprofit tool for connecting with volunteers

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Volunteers are perhaps the greatest asset of any nonprofit. But how do you find them and how do you find qualified volunteers? In 1998 VolunteerMatch launched the answers to these questions with an online connection hub for volunteers and organizations. Not only are you finding a solution to your need, but you’re spreading the word about your nonprofit and gaining supporters with every volunteer connection.   

What they offer and why you need it. 

VolunteerMatch provides a platform to recruit volunteers for specific tasks or with particular skill sets. As a nonprofit, you can:

  • Post and promote volunteer opportunities
  • Utilize volunteer engagement tools
  • Customize and send automated greetings, questionnaires, and forms 
  • Highlight opportunities on your own website with embeddable codes
  • Take advantage of marketing opportunities

Sometimes your pool of supporters doesn’t quite have who you need to get the job done. But you don’t want hunting for the right volunteer to become a job in itself. Using VolunteerMatch saves you time and eliminates the hassle. It’s as simple as claiming your organization on the platform, completing the profile page, and posting your volunteer needs. Even more, you can engage with members of your community who may or may not have known about you previously. 


VolunteerMatch is FREE for nonprofits! Claim your page to get started posting your volunteer opportunities.

Mailchimp – Best nonprofit tool for email and marketing automation

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Most of us know Mailchimp for emails. But did you know that Mailchimp does so much more? They offer a slew of marketing solutions and tools and over 300 integrations. By centralizing your marketing, you can save time and focus your attention on what matters most.

What they offer and why you need it. 

Mailchimp understands that communicating with donors effectively takes a comprehensive approach. Their marketing suite of tools is the best in the business with: 

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • AI marketing tools
  • Websites 
  • Audience management
  • Marketing automation
  • Templates
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Social media marketing

From public-facing content to organization analytics and reporting, Mailchimp has you covered. Save your organization time with automation while engaging your supporters through a variety of digital spaces. You also don’t have to guess if your promotions are working! Utilize data and reporting to see what is most or least effective and utilize audience management to retarget supporters you’re missing.

Integrate with Mightycause

Mightycause directly integrates with Mailchimp, automatically feeding donor data into your Mailchimp lists.


Mailchimp offers a range of pricing plans, including a FREE plan that allows you to send up to 1,000 emails per month. Mailchimp also provides a 15% discount to verified nonprofits.

Facebook Pixel – Best nonprofit tool for tracking website engagement

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An online presence is an essential part of building your organization’s brand. It’s just as important as nurturing the relationships you have already built with your supporters. It all comes down to communication. But . . . adding info on your website, using Facebook ads, or posting on social media doesn’t mean you’re actually communicating if no one sees it or takes action. This is where Facebook pixel comes in. Facebook pixel enables you to track website traffic and other data in order to weigh effectiveness. 

What they offer and why you need it. 

It’s amazing what a little code can do. Simply add the Facebook pixel code to your website and create a custom audience to track your website visitors. For example, your audience can include those who request your services or visit your volunteer page. Find out if people are viewing your website, but not donating. Do people even see your newsletter sign-up or your upcoming events?

As you learn about your supporters’ activity you can adapt your outreach and overall engagement. For example, if people are visiting your website but not accessing your “Donate” or “Get Involved” pages, you may need to move your “Donate” button to a more prominent position. Perhaps your “Get Involved” page isn’t as easy to find as you thought. 

You don’t know what you don’t know. Yet, the more you learn the better you’ll be at meeting your supporters where they are.   

Integrate with Mightycause

Mightycause directly integrates with Facebook Pixel, allowing you to better track your Facebook Ads and donors.


Facebook Pixel is completely FREE for nonprofits to utilize.

Start streamlining today

Every nonprofit has unique needs, and no organization can meet internal and external demands alone. Utilize these 9 nonprofit tools for the best experience and greatest impact!

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