Spring is team fundraising season here at Mightycause! And that’s why our fundraising experts wrote our team fundraising guide, “Team Fundraising: A Mightycause How-To,” just in time for your spring 5k, walk-a-thon, or group fundraising event. This guide is available to you at no cost. So, you once you download it, you can rally your team and start fundraising!

What is Team Fundraising?

Team fundraising is an organized peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. In a peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraiser, an individual creates a fundraising page where they send their family, friends, and social network to donate to a cause. P2P campaigns can be a great donor acquisition tool, because they help expose new people to your cause. A team fundraiser organizes many peer-to-peer fundraisers. And team fundraising engages them in a little friendly competition. A team fundraiser can reach even more new people … and raise even more money than a standalone P2P campaign.

On Mightycause, each team has a page. From that page, people can sign up to join the team, make a donation, or just watch the competition.

What’s in the Team Fundraising Guide

We’ve pooled together all of the lessons learned from our best team fundraisers to bring you the most comprehensive team fundraising guide available. Here’s a look at what’s included:

  • How team fundraising works
  • The benefits of team fundraising
  • The psychology behind team fundraising
  • How to manage your fundraising team
  • How to keep your team motivated
  • Maintaining control of your nonprofit’s message
  • How to use team fundraising for donor acquisition and engaging existing supporter
  • A checklist for team organizers

Get the Team Fundraising Guide

This resource is made available to you at no cost. That’s because, at Mightycause, we consider our company’s mission to be helping nonprofits and individuals fundraise better. All you have to do to get the team fundraising guide is click on the button below, enter your name and email address. We’ll send a digital copy of our team fundraising guide to the address you provide. That’s it!


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