Team fundraisers see 60% increase in number of donations on Mightycause

At Mightycause, we love to celebrate the power of the individual to make a difference by raising funds for causes that matter to them. Imagine then, what an impact a big group of motivated people can have when raising funds for important causes?

This is the beauty and power of Team Fundraising. For years, nonprofits, companies, and groups of friends and more have come together using Mightycause’s Team Fundraising Product to have fun with friendly competition while raising millions for their causes.

Over the years, we’ve listened to your feedback, studied how teams work best and have daydreamed about all kinds of cool new features we could offer.

After many long hours, tests and trials, we launched a brand new Team Fundraising experience in April 2017 tailored to help you raise even more funds for the causes that matter to you.

Since it’s launch, team fundraisers have seen a 60% increase in the number of donations they receive compared to this time last year. Plus, teams have an average of 7 more fundraisers on their team this year.

The Next Generation of Team Fundraising

Our Team Fundraising experience provides all you need in one place allowing you seamless campaign management with customized branding for your cause. Whether hosting a 5K for your nonprofit, or gathering a group of friends to run together in an upcoming marathon, Team Fundraising on Mightycause is here to help!

With a our team fundraising product, there’s so much we want to tell you about. Here are our top 4 favorite features that will help you raise even more funds with your Team!

Customized Branding

This is your event, this is your campaign. You want every aspect of your effort (from fliers and emails to the online platform) to showcase your brand, and your cause. Our team fundraising product allows you to customize the page to match your branding, including colors, logos, and imagery. When team members join your cause, and donors come to make their gifts, they will know they came to the right place.

Plus, our user-friendly editor means you don’t need to be a graphic designer or have html knowledge to integrate your brand into your team fundraiser.

Friendly Competition

We all love a little competition. Team Fundraising is most powerful when you encourage a little friendly competition between participants. One of the key pieces of your team fundraiser on Mightycause is your Leaderboard. Your Leaderboard is one of the focal points of your team campaign, and it’s your chance to promote competition. Team members see rankings on the leaderboard and are encouraged to get more engaged with the competition. Donors see the fundraiser they are supporting on the leaderboard, and are inspired to give and help them rise up the ranks!

Get creative for your cause. You can pit rival law firms against each other to bring in the most donations, or create a grade level competition with each class trying to raise the most funds. When everyone competes, your cause wins!

Sponsor & Partner Recognition

We get by with a little help from our friends. If you are hosting a team fundraiser, chances are, you’ve got some corporate partners, local businesses or in-kind donors all contributing to make your effort a success. Show them some love by prominently displaying their logo on your team campaign so that your supporters and team members know who to thank. Cross promotional options allow you to reach out to potential partners with the assurance of visibility and recognition for their support.

Don’t have or want sponsors? This feature is fully customizable, so you can use it to showcase what matters most to your campaign.

Organizer Tools

Hosting a Team Fundraiser can be a little bit of work, and we’re here to make that easier for you. Our comprehensive set of tools and features for you as the team organizer allow you to spend your efforts where they can really make a difference, recruiting new team members, and raising more funds for the cause.

Our easy campaign builder will walk you through a seamless and quick team campaign set-up. Your easy-to-navigate dashboard will allow you to easily invite and communicate with team members, track their activity and donations. Plus our friendly customer support team is available by email, phone and instant chat for your team members and for donors as any questions arise, reducing your burden to manage administrative and technical details. You can create a template fundraiser page to make on-boarding quick and easy for new members.

Looking For Inspiration?

By now you’re probably as excited as we are to host a Team Fundraiser. Not sure what to try? We’re sharing some of our favorite ideas here:

  • Host a walk-a-thon, 5K run or bike race, and encourage participants to raise funds for your nonprofit.
  • Field a team for a marathon, where each participant gets to choose what nonprofit they want to support.
  • Host a corporate challenge encouraging companies or law firms to compete to raise the most funds for your mission.
  • Host a School Fundraiser and let different grades and classrooms compete to raise funds for the school.

Want to learn more about Team Fundraising, and how you can make the most of our team fundraising product to raise even more funds for your cause? Watch our recorded webinar!

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