A look at key updates and improvements Mightycause has made since the start of the year.

Mightycause is constantly working to develop new tools and technology to support the nonprofits on our platform. That’s all part of our mission as a company. We want to make fundraising as easy, convenient, cost-effective, and efficient as possible. And we want empower donors to easily support the causes they care about with a seamless donation process.

Here’s a look at what we’ve added since the start of the year!

Donor Experience & Checkout Customization

So, we can talk forever about fundraising strategy and storytelling, but the centerpiece of all fundraising is the actual donation. No amount of good fundraising can make up for a cumbersome or difficult donation process. And for nonprofits, this is a key point to collect information and reinforce the impact of their work. That’s why we make it a priority to give nonprofits the ability to control their checkout flow to suit their needs.

We’ve made a few key changes that give nonprofits even more control over their donation flow, including:

  • Easy inline editing and preview of donation forms
  • More donation levels, to make sure your donors have the options you want them to have
  • Donation links that will make the donation amount default to a specific amount, so nonprofits can deliver even more powerful CTAs through email, social media, and elsewhere
  • The option to hide recurring donations on specific campaigns or donation pages
  • Defaulting to recurring donations on campaign pages or a donation pages to bolster your recurring giving campaign efforts

And we’ve also improved our user interface so it’s even easier for nonprofits to make these changes and find the settings they’re looking for in their dashboards.

Advanced Donor Questions

The donation process is where nonprofits have the opportunity to capture the information they need about their donors. But, with lots of fundraising platforms, you have very limited (or even no) control over the process. You have to make the best of the data they’re willing to give you. On Mightycause, though, you have multiple ways to collect the information you need to follow-up, engage, and cultivate your donors.

In 2021, we’ve given all nonprofits the ability to add a custom question to their donation flow. (And that’s in addition to the data nonprofits already have the option to collect at checkout!) Need more than one question? Our Advanced plan allows for multiple custom questions in the donation flow, so a simple upgrade will help you create a even more customized donation experience.

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Donation Widget

Mightycause’s donation widget is often what brings nonprofits to our platform. It’s a simple, elegant tool that can be easily embedded on a nonprofit’s website. And like our company and the organizations we serve, it’s small but mighty. Donors can set up recurring donations from the widget, your nonprofit can add custom donation levels and impact descriptions, and it processes donations fast. It’s a little tool that does some very big things.

We’ve made the widget easier to access for nonprofits, so you can quickly grab the embed code and add it to any website or page you’d like. Editing or adding to what displays on your widget is also easier. We’ve added enhanced widget donation tracking so nonprofits have even more information at their fingertips. And now, you can pull in your nonprofit’s branding and colors as well, to make it blend in seamlessly wherever you embed it.

gofundme charity: mightycause's donation widget
Mightycause’s donation widget.

Embedded Donation Forms

The widget isn’t all Mightycause has to offer! We also offer custom embeddable donation forms for a more comprehensive, cohesive donation experience. We’ve added inline editing so nonprofits can make (and see) changes more easily, in addition to all of the improvements the donor experience and checkout flow previously mentioned. And they’re all pulled right into your own website, so your form blends right in but donations process with Mightycause’s best-in-class technology.

Slack Integration

In 2020, workplaces underwent massive, structural shifts in response to the pandemic. Nonprofit employees found themselves working from home on a full-time basis, changing the world from their dining room tables and living rooms. And with in-person meetings and collaborations off the table, everyone very quickly had to adapt to using new tools to meet, communicate, and collaborate. One of those tools was Slack.

Slack is a chat program that allows workplaces to connect via chat channels dedicated to topics, private messages, group chats, video calls, and more. The program also allows you to set up alerts so the workplace can respond quickly to specific items.

Mightycause built a Slack integration to help make remote collaboration even easer. Advanced customers can set up donation alerts that lets your team know when someone completed a donation, so you can keep track and reach out quickly to show your appreciation.

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Google Analytics

We know how important data is at Mightycause. And we want nonprofits using our platform to have access to the more comprehensive data about their donations and donors possible. So, we built an integration with Google Analytics that will provide even more data about how people are interacting with your nonprofit’s page.

Google Analytics is free, so all nonprofits need to do is subscribe to our Advanced plan, set up Google Analytics on Mightycause and add a tracking ID in their dashboard. After that, you can sit back and watch the data flow in.

More on Google Analytics

facebook like icon spraypainted on white wallFacebook Pixel

A Facebook Pixel is a lot like Google Analytics, but for Facebook ads. It’s a little tracking code that you add to your website so you can track users’ actions from the moment they click on your ad. For nonprofits investing in Facebook advertising, it’s essential to know how effective your ads are at actually getting people to take the actions you want. And for an event or a giving day or a specific fundraising campaign, nonprofits may end up advertising their Mightycause page. Now nonprofits have a way to track activity on Mightycause through their Facebook Pixel.

Nonprofits with an Advanced plan can now easily add their Facebook Pixel to their Mightycause page for even more robust data from users.

Matching Grants

A matching grant is a large donation that a nonprofit leverages as an incentive to other donors. Think of it as a BOGO sale on donations. The most common format for a matching grant is a 1:1 match, but the matching grants tool on Mightycause can do so much more than that. You have the flexibility to make sure your match is serving your nonprofit’s goals.

Whether your goal is reaching a fundraising milestone, bringing in unique donors, or simply bumping up the amount you raise, our matching grants tool is here to support you. Nonprofits have the ability to customize match conditions so nonprofits can make the most of their match, and we’ve added some new options into the mix!

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