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Fundraiser Templates Simplify Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is an important tool for nonprofits. Not only does it help your organization gain new supporters, it’s a fun and easy way for existing supporters to show their enthusiasm for your cause. In a peer-to-peer fundraiser, an individual or group raises money for a nonprofit, reaching out to everyone in their social network for support. Most (if not all) of the donors to a peer-to-peer fundraiser will be new to the nonprofit, making the value of the fundraiser much higher than the amount it ends up bringing in. Each donor is an opportunity to build long-term support for your organization.

Mightycause has always aimed to make it as easy as possible to start peer-to-peer fundraisers on our platform. All that’s ever been required is signing up, choosing a nonprofit organization, and creating a page. But fundraiser templates streamline that process even more.

How Fundraiser Templates Work

Nonprofits on Mightycause can now give peer-to-peer fundraisers a running start by pre-filling key portions of their fundraisers.

fundraiser template screenshot

By creating a template, your supporters will already have these important sections filled out for them:

  • Fundraiser title
  • Funding goal
  • Fundraiser image
  • Short story
  • Story

When creating a peer-to-peer fundraiser, users will have the option to utilize a template. (It’s not mandatory if they’d prefer not to use a template! It’s completely up to the user.) The template will help them get up and running much quicker so they can spend less time fussing over the details of their page and more time reaching out to friends and family to ask them to support your nonprofit!

All nonprofits have the ability to create one Fundraiser Template, and subscribers to Mightycause Advanced have unlimited fundraiser templates at their disposal.

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The Benefits of Fundraiser Templates

The main benefit of Fundraiser Templates is that they allow peer-to-peer fundraisers to get published and start raising money with less effort. Users can use your template as is, or use the information their nonprofit of choice has provided with the template as a jumping off point, keeping what they want and personalizing their page and adding their own reasons, story, and point of view.

A common fear about peer-to-peer fundraising is losing control of the narrative about your nonprofit. It’s usually an unfounded fear, but templates allow nonprofits to add important information and talking points into the fabric of a fundraiser that will help weave peer-to-peer pages into their larger organizational messaging and strategy.

Mightycause Mythbusters: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

The availability of a Fundraiser Template can also be a huge selling point for people considering peer-to-peer fundraising! When busy board members and volunteers are asked to create a peer-to-peer fundraiser, being able to use a template may help you seal the deal and get them raising money for your cause. And it can be a huge help to people who might not consider themselves writers, or simply aren’t online as much and need a helping hand to get started.

Sharing Fundraiser Templates

Your default template will be available to all users who create a peer-to-peer page; they can opt not to use it. But you can also share a link to your template — which comes in handy with specialized templates like we’ll discuss below. When a user follows a link to create a fundraiser from a template, they can’t opt out of using the template. But, as with any fundraiser, they can edit their page however they’d like so the template never locks users into to using the content you provide or prevents them from expressing themselves in their fundraiser!

10 Tips for Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

Fundraiser Template Ideas

At the most basic level, you can make Fundraiser Templates work for your nonprofit by simply entering in some general, useful information about your nonprofit that can apply to most peer-to-peer fundraisers. But you can also get more mileage out of them by using them creatively to fill specific needs.

Default Template

Nonprofits with a basic account get access to one fundraiser template, and Advanced subscribers get unlimited templates to play with. Your default template will be the one all users are given the option to use when setting up their fundraiser. The main area you’ll want to focus on here is the story area — this is where you can really set fundraisers up for success.

fundraiser template screenshot

You can add formatting like headers, lists and bullet points with the editor. Have a video that explains what your nonprofit does? You can add that to the template, too! Add images, logos, anything you think might help tell your nonprofit’s story. You can also add any boilerplate legal language you think is important to donors to know. The more robust you make the story on your fundraiser template, the more your supporters will have to work with!

Birthday Fundraiser Template

One of the most common uses of peer-to-peer fundraisers is birthday fundraisers. Many generous individuals use their birthdays to raise money for causes they care about, asking friends and loved ones to make donations to their fundraiser instead of giving them gifts. With a subscription to Advanced, you can add a Birthday Fundraiser template, and start a campaign to encourage your biggest supporters to start birthday fundraisers!

You can allow people to use a specific template with a link. This allows you to embed a link to your birthday fundraiser template in emails (send your supporters an email on the first day of their birthday month!), on a dedicated page on your nonprofit’s website, and even on your Mightycause profile. Add some birthday-specific language and a fun birthday-themed image to your template, and work to get more people raising money for your cause on their birthdays!

Board Fundraiser Template

Something we see constantly on Mightycause is nonprofits creating fundraisers for their board members. And we get it: board members are often busy people! Creating fundraisers for them helps them get going sooner, without asking them to spend their valuable time figuring out how to create a page. But with a subscription to Advanced, your nonprofit can create a template that either board members can utilize to get their fundraiser started, published, without the need to need to create a page from scratch — or your staff members can use to quickly create a page for board members.

#GivingTuesday Template

#GivingTuesday is one of the biggest fundraising days of the year. And it’s also a day where lots of everyday philanthropists are looking to do their part for the causes they care about. Peer-to-peer fundraising is always part of a strong #GivingTuesday strategy, because peer-to-peer pages put more boots on the ground and help nonprofits increase their overall amount raised. Nonprofits on Mightycause can make it SUPER simple for individuals to raise money on #GivingTuesday by creating a #GivingTuesday template. Add your #GivingTuesday campaign video, logo, and campaign talking points to help fundraisers get started!

Wedding Fundraiser Template

As the average age people get married in the United States increases, there’s often less of a need for the standard wedding registry with household items. Couples are instead becoming more philanthropic on their big day, asking wedding guests to make donations to their favorite charitable causes instead of getting them a blender. Nonprofits can make it easy for engaged couples to set up a fundraiser for your charity. Copy the link to the template and embed on your website where people can go to learn more about how to help your cause!

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