Mightycause’s most popular blog posts from 2019, addressing everything from the perils of Facebook fundraising, fundraising ideas, and donor attrition!

Mightycause is a platform built for nonprofits. And in keeping with that mission, our blog is a place that’s dedicated to providing the best free resources for nonprofit fundraising on the web. We want our blog to be about more than our product. Our vision is for it to be a place where nonprofit professionals can find help for an array of fundraising dilemmas and issues. We want it to be used in conjunction with our best-in-class nonprofit fundraising tools to help small and mid-size organizations grow, find fundraising ideas and strategies, and deep-dives into topics that affect nonprofits.

These posts were our most popular blogs from 2019, raking in the highest numbers of visitors!

1. Facebook Fundraising Hurts Nonprofits: How, Why, & What to Do About it, from Mightycause’s CEO

Facebook Fundraising Hurts Nonprofits: How, Why, and What to Do About It, from Mightycause’s CEO

This was by far our most-visited blog post from 2019, and we know exactly why. Nonprofits have a lot of questions about Facebook fundraising, especially as Facebook fundraising becomes more unavoidable every year. This post from our CEO, Tom Matthews, dives into how Facebook fundraising harms the nonprofit sector as a whole.

2. Creative Spring Fundraising Ideas

22 Creative Spring Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas are always the most popular category of posts on our blog, and this fun listicle with fundraising ideas for Spring is one of our best-trafficked posts from 2019! We’ve outlined different types of fundraisers to try, special dates to bookmark, and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Donor Attrition: Why Nonprofits Lose Donors (And How to Bring Them Back)

Donor Attrition: Why Nonprofits Lose Donors (And How to Bring Them Back)

This blog post from August 2019 is a deep-dive into a question that plagues many nonprofits: why do people stop supporting us? In this long read, you’ll find the most common reasons why donors stop giving, as well as actionable advice for how to keep them from leaving… and get them to come back if you’ve lost them. This is a can’t-miss piece! And given that January is a crucial month for donor retention, it’s one you’ll want to read (or reread) before 2020.

4. Mightycause Announces Text-to-Give

NEW: Mightycause Announces Text-to-Give

Text-to-Give is a product our customers have been asking about and in 2019, we delivered a Text-to-Give feature that outpaces all of our rivals. This piece details how our Text-to-Give tool works (in three easy steps), why Text-to-Give is important, and answers some common questions about the implications of Text-to-Give, such as control over donor data. Text-to-Give is available now with a subscription to Mightycause Advanced.

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5. Mightycause’s Donation Widget

Mightycause’s Donation Widget

Our easy-to-use donation widget is one of the top draws for nonprofits. It’s simple, can easily be installed on your organization’s website, and allows nonprofits to quickly start collecting donations with upfront cost and no strings attached. And in 2019, we gave our popular widget a facelift, improving the look, feel, and functionality of the widget. Learn more about how to widget works, what’s new (as of June 2019), and how our widget stacks up against the PayPal donate button.

6. 6 Lessons “Game of Thrones” Characters Can Teach Nonprofits

6 Lessons “Game of Thrones” Characters Can Teach Nonprofit Organizations

2019 was the year the world found out how “Game of Thrones” ended. (And not everyone was happy about it…) This piece, published in April 2019 and written by Mightycause’s resident expert on all things Westeros, was a fun and creative list of practical tips for nonprofit organizations. From forming alliances like Jon Snow to strategizing like Sansa, these tips are helpful even to nonprofit professionals with zero interest in dragons.

7. How to Get More Recurring Donors

How to Get More Recurring Donors

This blog post followed-up a webinar on creating a recurring giving program in March. If you missed that webinar, fear not! It can be viewed in this post, and the post itself expands on much of the content we went over in that webinar. In this post, we talk about why donors give, building a recurring giving program that appeals to donors, setting up donor tiers, and how to keep them engaged.

8. Fundraising Event Ticketing & Registration on Mightycause

NEW: Fundraising Event Registration & Ticketing on Mightycause

This was one of our biggest and most-anticipated product announcements of 2019! This post unveiled our Eventbrite integration, which gave event hosts the ability to add ticketing and event registration to their Mightycause events. Now, this is more than a simple link out to Eventbrite: it’s a full integration, creating a seamless experience for both the event attendee and host. Learn how the integration works and what it can add to your fundraising event!

  Events on Mightycause

9. Nonprofit Donation Page Solutions for Every Budget

Nonprofit Donation Page Solutions for Every Budget

Mightycause made several big product announcements in 2019 and one of them was the revamp of our donation widgets and donation pages. This post from July 2019 gets into the nuts and bolts of our donation widget and full donation pages, the pros and cons of each, and helps nonprofits make a decision about which option is best for their needs and budget.

10. Google Ad Grants: How to Make Them Work for Your Nonprofit

Google Ad Grants: How to Make Them Work for Your Nonprofit

This blog from June is a great example of the kinds of pieces Mightycause loves to provide. A thorough, informative piece written by a subject matter expert, in this case, RightShout‘s Daniel Hindley. This piece goes into how to apply for a Google Ad Grant, everything that’s involved in utilizing the grant if you’re approved, and how to make it perform for your organization. There’s lots of great information here that can help nonprofits determine whether a Google Ad Grant is right for their organization.

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