Mightycause is here to make fundraising easier, more powerful and less expensive for your nonprofit. This means having the most modern fundraising tools for nonprofits, including: peer-to-peer fundraising, giving events, supporter engagement, donor management, analytics and more. Mightycause is the best all-in-one fundraising solution available anywhere. With our new Premium plans, your nonprofit has more choice to determine what features and what cost, is right for your nonprofit. As your nonprofit grows, your Premium plan can grow with you, giving you access to more comprehensive and customizable features to make your fundraising even more effective.  

Even better? Mightycause’s premium fundraising tools for nonprofits come standard with zero platform fees. That’s right. While other platforms still charge a platform fee on top of your subscription, Mightycause does not. This means that Mightycause will not keep a single penny of what you raise from donors!

Premium Fundraising Tools for nonprofits


Premium Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits

With Mightycause’s new premium fundraising tools for nonprofits, you have access to all kinds of features and services that will help you save time, save money and raise more funds for your mission. Here are just a few of the most noteworthy features you can access with Mightycause Premium Plans.

Supporters Donor Management Tool

With Mightycause’s new Supporters Donor Management tool, your nonprofit can track and organize donor data to fundraise and communicate more effectively. You can build better and more meaningful relationships with your supporters without breaking the bank. Has your nonprofit been looking for an effective donor management tool but you don’t know how or where to start with costly tools that require significant upfront time and investment to implement?

Your nonprofit doesn’t need an over-complicated, bulky and expensive CRM system to manage your donor data. The Mightycause Supporters tool is the perfect solution. Aggregate, track and organize only the most important donor data, with no confusing implementation or costly setup needed. Add notes and tags to further define donor history, interest and relationship. Filter and export downloadable reports for easy use in targeted and segmented communications. You can even use the built-in email messaging tool to engage your donors directly. 

Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits: Donor Management


Custom Donation Pages

With Mightycause’s new Custom Donation Pages, showcase your brand and customize the donation experience for your supporters, right on your website. Your nonprofit is the cause that donors are supporting, so we believe your brand should be front and center when they are making their donation. Allow donors to make one-time and recurring gifts, and have confidence in knowing the donation experience is fully optimized for conversion on mobile, desktop and all devices.

Customize the experience by adding custom donation impact levels, custom donor data fields for collection and more. With our simple interface and user-friendly tools, no HTML or web design experience is needed to implement a new donation page for your website. With a simple yet intuitive design, your donors won’t be distracted by additional content and instead they can focus on the most important action: completing their donation and showing their support for your mission.

Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits: Custom Donation Page

Advanced Fundraising Analytics

With Mightycause Premium Fundraising Analytics, you can be an expert in all things nonprofit fundraising. You don’t have to be a data scientist to gain insight from this easy to read analytics dashboard. With Analytics you can learn:

  • Which channels and sources are most effective at bringing in donations?
  • During what months are you raising the most funds (and what months could use a little boost)?
  • What is your average gift size?
  • How many donations are coming in from social sharing?
  • What is your total number of recurring gifts?


Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits: Advanced Analytics


Plus, you can integrate your Mightycause fundraising page into your Google Analytics reports to unlock even more sophisticated source and traffic tracking. Use these analytics to adapt and improve your fundraising strategy to become even more effective.

Data Connect

With Mightycause’s Data Connect feature, you can say goodbye to having to manually input donor data, or struggling to segment your email lists for communications. This feature allows you to automate those tedious, but very necessary fundraising tasks, so you can focus on raising more funds for your mission.

Automatically sync donor data from Mightycause right to your Salesforce database. Instantly add new donor contact information to mailing lists in MailChimp, Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor. Access hundreds of apps to help make fundraising more automated and efficient for your nonprofit.

Pro Plan

When your nonprofit chooses Mightycause’s Pro plan, you take control over your online fundraising. This plan offers your nonprofit a fully branded and customizable online fundraising experience, still with easy setup and management. All at the lowest cost in the market! Mightycause’s Pro subscription for your nonprofit starts at just $249 a month for your annual subscription, and frees you from platform fees completely.

For just $249 a month, you have access to:

  • Zero platform fees
  • Branded Donation Page for your website
  • Branded P2P & Team Fundraising
  • PRO CRM tools
  • Email Messaging
  • Data Connect – enabling integration with hundreds of third party apps
  • Fundraising analytics
  • Volunteer Management
  • Custom subdomain and white label controls
  • Priority customer support

Take your nonprofit’s fundraising game to the next level with Mightycause’s Pro Plan today.

Plus Plan

The Mightycause Plus Plan is perfect for your small to medium sized nonprofit, looking to amplify your online fundraising with customizable solutions that showcase your brand all in one easy-to-use platform.  No other platform will give you access to all of these powerful fundraising tools for nonprofits for this incredibly low cost. Mightycause’s Plus subscription for your nonprofit starts at just $99 a month for your annual subscription, and you still have access to no platform fees.

For just $99 a month, you have access to:

  • Zero platform fees
  • Unlimited P2P & Team Fundraising
  • Advanced CRM tools
  • Branded Donation page for your website
  • Branded donation receipts
  • Branded donation widget
  • Data Connect – enabling integration with hundreds of third party apps
  • Fundraising analytics
  • Volunteer management

Amplify your nonprofit’s online fundraising strategy today with the Premium Plus plan.

Access Premium Fundraising Tools for Nonprofits Today

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