Mightycause plans for every nonprofit! Learn about Mightycause subscription plans, how much they cost & what they can do for your nonprofit.

When Mightycause was founded in 2006, our goal was to democratize fundraising. Over a decade later, we’ve found our place providing best-in-class fundraising software for nonprofits at affordable prices. And in 2021, our product is better than ever.

Mightycause has two great plans that provide access to our fundraising tools, designed so you can scale your plan to your needs. And with two simple, no-strings-attached prices, you can easily fit your Mightycause plan into your budget.

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Mightycause Plans for Nonprofits of All Sizes

There are a lot of fundraising software options for nonprofits. Finding the right one for your organization’s needs can be overwhelming. And what works when your nonprofit is small may not be able to support you as you grow. Mightycause is designed to be an all-in-one fundraising suite with powerful features that work for you as you build your donor base, expand your fundraising program, and need more tools to support you.

Mightycause has a plan to support you, whether your nonprofit is just getting on its feet or you’re an established cornerstone of your community. Our software is designed to be flexible, and built to accommodate nonprofits of all sizes, budgets, and stripes.

Mightycause Plans & Features

Mightycause offers two subscription levels: Essentials and Advanced. And you can upgrade (or downgrade) at any time. You’re never locked into any contracts or forced to pay for a plan you don’t want with Mightycause.

Advanced is available for $99 per month, and gives your nonprofit access to our most powerful fundraising tools. And Essentials, at $59 per month is a plan for nonprofits on a budget that has the fundamental, must-have Mightycause tools.

Pricing Info

Advanced & Essentials Feature Comparison

FeaturesEssentials – $59 per monthAdvanced – $99 per month
Unlimited fundraising campaigns
Unlimited P2P campaigns
Team fundraising
Donation widget
Matching grants
Real-time donation reports
Offline donation management
Donor data collection
Donor Retention Report
Social media integration & sharing
Customizable donation levels & labels
Organization profile for year-round giving
Fee Guarantee eligibility
Priority customer support
Essential donor management
Fundraiser Templates
ACH / Bank Account Donations
Event fundraising
Full-Service CRM
Customizable embeddable donation forms
SalesForce Integration
MailChimp Integration
Advanced analytics
Data integration with 1,000+ apps
Dedicated account manager
Advanced Donor Data Collection
Domain Masking (+$10 per month)
Custom branded donation receipts
Custom Branding for P2P and Forms
Volunteer Management

Essentials Features

Mightycause Essentials contains our core features. With Essentials, you get the offerings that make Mightycause tick. Essentials is the Mightycause plan that works best for small nonprofits on a budget. Or, nonprofits that need a handful of specific tools, like peer-to-peer, teams, or a donation widget for their website.

When you subscribe to Essentials, you’ll get access to unlimited fundraising and peer-to-peer campaigns, as well as team fundraising. And you’ll be able to utilize key fundraising tools that help elevated your campaigns: matching grants, customizable donation levels and labels, fundraiser templates, and more.

Most importantly, you’ll have the tools you need to manage and engage your donors. You can pull a detailed donation report, collect the data you need from your donors, enter offline donations, and use our CRM tool, Supporters. An Essentials subscription also allows you to embed our widget on your website so you never miss a donation.

mightycause plan: donation widget screenshot

At $59 per month, an Essentials subscription makes you eligible for our fee guarantee and priority customer support to ensure you are in the best hands with your fundraising.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

mightycause plans: p2p screensPeer-to-Peer fundraising was one of Mightycause’s first features, and it’s still one of our most popular! This tool allows your nonprofit’s biggest supporters (board members, volunteers, rockstar donors) to fundraise on your behalf. Most people give to a nonprofit for the first time because someone they know asked them to. And that means subscribing to Essentials and utilizing peer-to-peer could bring countless new donors into the fold.

Our peer-to-peer tool was the first on the market, and it remains one of the best. All donations from peer-to-peer pages flow into your donation report and Supporters tool. Donations are included in your regular disbursement, so you don’t have to wait for you funds. And your fundraisers have everything they need to tell their story and make their fundraiser a success.

Mightycause Mythbusters: Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Advanced Features

Mightycause Advanced logo

Advanced subscribers get all the basics that Essentials customers get, plus exclusive access to our most powerful fundraising and donor management tools. Here’s a look at some of the key Advanced features your nonprofit can use to super-charge your fundraising:

Event Fundraising  (with Eventbrite Integration)

An Advanced subscription will unlock our most powerful and most popular peer-to-peer fundraising tool: Event Fundraising. Teams fundraising (which is available through Essentials) allows individuals to team up and raise money for your cause. Events allow individuals and teams to come together to raise money on one sleek, easy-to-use event page. And it’s packed with tools to track participants and contact them through the Mightycause platform, so you can manage your event without any fuss.

Mightycause’s Event Fundraising product integrates with Eventbrite, which makes it perfect for registration and selling tickets for 5ks, charity walks, and other big annual events.

NEW: Fundraising Event Registration & Ticketing on Mightycause


text to give imageThis is an Advanced-only offering! Amplify your campaigns by allowing donors to contribute anywhere, anytime, right from their phones. An Advanced subscription comes with unlimited keywords you can use year-round or for specific campaigns like a giving day or #GivingTuesday.

Full-Service CRM 

Track donors, volunteers, and fundraisers with Mightycause’s Supporters CRM. Advanced nonprofits can import contacts, track donors, keep detailed records, and email them from Supporters. Our Supporters CRM allows you to add tags to easily categorize and find donors, maintain accurate and detailed donor records (tracking their donation history as well as fundraising efforts), and make sure you don’t miss any opportunities for outreach!

What is a CRM?


mightycause plans: integration logosThe bigger and more established a nonprofit is, the more tools they use to support their operations. It can be maddening when none of these tools talk to each other, requiring employees to do manual data imports and exports. At Mightycause, we feel your technology should serve you, not the other way around. And that’s why Advanced subscribers get access to integrations that connect our software to over 2,000 other programs.

We offer direct Salesforce and MailChimp integrations, to make managing your donors and email list easier. And through our integration with Zapier, you can connect your Mightycause to the 2,000+ apps available through Zapier. That includes Google Work, Google Sheets, Slack, ConvertKit, Evernote, and many more. (And, of course, you get an Eventbrite integration within the Event Fundraising product!)

NEW: Fundraising Software Integrations on Mightycause

Embeddable Donation Forms

donation screen Obviously, donation processing is what it’s all about. And while Essentials customers have access to our donation widget, Advanced customers can create a custom donation form that gives your nonprofit the ability to engage donors better and let your brand shine through.

Your donation form can be embedded on your website, so you’ll be able to capture donations on your website. An Advanced subscription also includes the ability to add additional custom questions to your checkout flow, so you can collect the donor data that’s most meaningful to your nonprofit. We’ll pull in the branding from your Mightycause profile. And the checkout flow is optimized to make it easy for donors to complete the transaction quickly & easily, while allowing your nonprofit to be in the driver’s seat of the donation process.

Advanced Branding Control 

Of the available Mightycause plans, Advanced is the best choice for nonprofits looking to make sure their branding is front-and-center. Advanced nonprofits can build custom branded embeddable donation pages, branded donation receipts, custom branding for campaign pages. And you can even add on Domain Masking if you want to use your own custom domain.

Mightycause Advanced allows your nonprofit a level of branding control unheard of with many other platforms. They place their brand ahead of yours. Our fundraising software puts your organization’s brand at the forefront.

Dedicated Account Manager  & Priority Customer Support

Tools and features and applications are important. But, it’s also important to know who you’re going to contact if you need help. And that’s why Advanced nonprofits get a dedicated account manager who is committed to helping your nonprofit fundraise successfully and leverage the tools our fundraising suite offers. Your Mightycause account manager is available to demo tools and features for you, help you strategize upcoming campaigns, and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from Advanced.

An Advanced subscription also unlocks priority customer support for your nonprofit. And that means you get to jump to the front of the line when you need help troubleshooting!

Mightycause Plans to Suit Your Budget & Needs

Ready to take the plunge with Mightycause? Get in touch with us and we’ll set up a time to discuss your nonprofit’s needs, budget, and help you determine which plan will work best for your organization.

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