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Springfield Rescue Mission

The Springfield Rescue Mission set out for 100 people to donate $100 each to provide meals for the homeless this #Thanksgiving. With 4 days left, they’ve raised over 80% of their $10,000 goal to feed 7,500 people. That’s definitely trend worthy. #TheRaceIsOn

Salem Lutheran Church

#AllYouNeedIsLove is a core part of Salem Lutheran Church’s mission statement; welcoming all who are seeking God’s love and grace. They strive to build a united community that provides mentorship and assistance to all in need.

Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana, Inc.

Please #feedtheanimals is the goal of Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana, Inc. and they are ahead of the trend with their “Ani-MEALS” program. After noticing that many of their clients struggle to feed their furry friends, they are launching a new program to support them as well!

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