It’s been a hurricane season for the history books. Hurricane Nate flew under the radar since so much of the Gulf coast was still recovering from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. But Nate still caused incredible damage, the full extent of which is still yet to be determined. Nate caused the most damage in Nicaragua, Cost Rica, Honduras and El Salvador, where the storm claimed over 25 lives. Nate made landfall in the U.S. as a Category 1 Hurricane, coming ashore at the mouth of the Mississippi River and touching down in Biloxi before weakening and being downgraded to a tropical depression. Tropical depression Nate was the first hurricane to make landfall in Mississippi since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The U.S. South avoided another major hurricane, but thousands still lost power and the effects of the floods are not yet known.

Person walking in flooding caused by tropical depression Nate
A Biloxi, M.S. resident walks along the flooded streets. Mark Wallheiser / Getty Images

With 85% of FEMA’s resources currently deployed to aid Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida after Harvey and Irma, recovery from tropical depression Nate might depend on the kindness of strangers. Here’s how to get involved.

Crowdfund for tropical depression Nate relief

The best thing about crowdfunding is that anyone can do it. You don’t need to work for a nonprofit organization, or have any experience fundraising. All you need is an internet connection and a willingness to help!

On Mightycause, you can choose from thousands of certified public charities in the United States, or create a personal fundraiser to help with tropical depression Nate relief.

Charitable crowdfunding

Anyone can start a charitable crowdfunding campaign on Mightycause. All you need to do to get started is sign up for a Mightycause account, find a cause to support and start your fundraiser. You gain supporting by spreading the word that you’re raising money for tropical depression Nate relief to your friends, family and social network. Starting a charitable crowdfunding campaign is a great way to get involved, mobilize others to help and rally around great causes that need support.

Example of fundraiser for tropical depression Nate reliefOn Mightycause, funds go directly to the cause your fundraiser supports, so you never have to worry about how the money you raise will get to the charity. Your donors can also feel secure knowing that the money they contribute is fully tax-deductible and will go straight to the cause they support.

One way to help Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama recover after tropical depression Nate is to crowdfund for charities in the areas hit the hardest.

Crowdfunding for individuals

You don’t have to connect your fundraiser to a nonprofit organization on Mightycause. You can also create a fundraiser for individuals who were affected by tropical depression Nate. If you know of a person or family affected by the power outages or a business destroyed by flooding, you can start a fundraiser for them on Mightycause.

Payment is quick and easy — just invite the person you’re fundraising for to add their bank account information. Time is critical when it comes to disaster relief, and the recipients of the donations you collect will get their first payout in two business days. And, even better, crowdfunding for individuals is free on Mightycause so they will be able to keep more of the donations you collect.

Donate to existing fundraisers

The Mightycause community is always quick to help in an emergency! The Mightycause team has created a search just for hurricane relief fundraisers, and we’ll add any new fundraisers that start for tropical depression Nate relief to the list.

Click here to view existing hurricane relief fundraisers. 

Tropical depression Nate fundraiser ideas

We’ve put together some ideas to help you start fundraising for with tropical depression Nate.

Workplace fundraiser

Involve your coworkers in your relief efforts by starting a team fundraiser at your workplace. Create a team page on Mightycause, talk to your colleagues about what you’re doing and ask them to sign up. Signing on to be a team organizer. This is a high-impact, low-barrier way to help.

Click here to start a team fundraiser. 

Help a Nate’s victims get back on their feet

Do you know someone personally affected by tropical depression Nate? Give them a helping hand by starting a personal fundraiser for them. We’ll transfer donations directly into their bank accounts in just a few days. This way, you can help them out quickly when they need it most. We don’t charge a platform fee for personal fundraisers. And this means they will get more of their donations on Mightycause than on other platforms.

Click here to start a personal fundraiser. 

Fundraise for disaster relief charities

Disaster relief charities need monetary donations in order to provide the best possible help to tropical depression Nate’s victims. And while in-kind donations can feel more satisfying to give but they can also create more work. You can create a fundraiser for a national disaster relief organization like the American Red Cross or Direct Relief.

Click here to find an organization to support.

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